fredag 3 april 2009

Mars/April 2009 -- Bilder på diverse djur

Hi there, bonjour mes amies, hola amigas... I think you have missed my pets, so I'm making a new blogpost for you! :)

Merlin and Virus looking at each other; who will be the first to run and who will chase..? ;)

Tulips... I like tulips. :)

Merlin loves to be under the furniture...
Virus has been drinking from Bob's water...
Merlin thinks it so cosy to be close, close, very close to big, soft, furry Bob... Bob is not so pleased; he prefers to be left alone -- but does the cat care..?
No! :)

Birthday flowers for my mother from my brother! :)
This is what our garden looked like not long ago! Spring is slowly coming closer now... Vive le printemps!!!

Merlin tries to get close again... ;)
Merlin is drinking from Bob's water. Bob doesn't mind, because he prefers to eat snow or, in the summer, drink from the pond in the garden!

Chuik, chuik amigas!

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Jerocca sa...


Mily Almeyra Ardant sa...

Ayyy !!! Pleeeease !!

J'adoooore Bob, Merlin et Virus !!!!! Son divinos los tres !

Los quiero muuuuucho de verdad !!

♥Bob ♥Merlin ♥Virus!

Saludos a su Famiglia!! ;)

Beautiful neige !!!!!

Mily Almeyra Ardant sa...

Other Aaaaahhhh, merci pour nouvelles photos with the deer and Bob super adorable !!

The deer !!!!!!!! Maravilloso, unique, superbe !!! C'est pas possible !!!! Incredible !! Here, you've never seen anything like it !!!!

Merciiiii !!!!!

Lisa sa...

No, I think it wouldn't be possible to see a deer walking around in Buenos Aires... I'm glad I made you happy with the photos!